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socialinclusion has a successful credential background, extensive experience, and demonstratable knowledge in human services in managing and developing programs, initiatives, and grants including service delivery models and outcome optimisation.

we provide the following support, assistance, and consulting services (but not limited to):

  • service delivery, performance, and outcome optimisation.
  • support coordination and service coordination training.
  • service provider registration process.
  • collaborative partnership brokering and connection.
  • ndis coaching and mentoring.
  • partnership, merger and acquisition.
  • quality, compliance, and audit.
  • due diligence, accreditation and assessments.

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we have worked with the following organisations in managing operations, quality, performance outcomes, and service delivery of programs, grants, and initiatives under the department of employment, department of social services, department of health and aging, department of education and training and primary health networks.

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